Getting Started

Download the Extension

First, you need to download the extension in Chrome Web Store.

Configure the Extension to Show the Page Score

The Page Score gives you an overall measure of how well a page implements the performance best practices. In a future version, the score will be displayed by default. For now though, you need to enable its display as follows:

  • In the Chrome address bar, type 'chrome://extensions' to list all of the extensions installed in Chrome
  • Locate Performance Scorecard, and click on the link that says 'Options' just below the name of the extension
  • Check the box labeled 'Show Performance Score'
  • You can now close this tab. Changes are saved automatically

Analyze a Page

You can analyze any page you can Navigate to in Chrome by following these simple steps.

  • Bring up the Chrome Developer Tools. You can do this from the Chrome Menu or by simply hitting the F12 key
  • At the top of the developer tools is a menu. The far right item will be called 'Performance Scorecard'. Click on this item
  • You will see the Performance Scorecard panel come up. Simply hit the Analyze button to analyze the page
  • Review your results