Performance Scorecard

A Google Chrome Extension that analyzes web pages for performance best practices

Improve the Performance of Your Web Pages

Performance Scorecard is a Chrome Extension that uses the Google PageSpeed Insights SDK to analyze your web pages and gives you a detailed report about where performance improvements can be made. It is a community supported successor to the Google PageSpeed Insights extension formerly available in the Chrome Web Store.

Performance Scorecard is free. Visit the Chrome Web Store now to install the extension.

Open Source

The source code for Performance Scorecard is available on GitHub for anyone to view or contribute to. You can visit the Github repository here.

Analyzing Your Pages

Analyzing a page literally only takes seconds, and you can do so from within Chrome. This also means that you can analayze any page that you can navigate to, including pages that are on your internal network or pages requiring an authenticated user. Just navigate to the page as you normally would in Chrome, open up the Chrome Developer Tools and use Performance Scorecard to analyze the page.

You can view more details about how to analyze a page here.

Future Plans and Feedback

The inital plan has been to take over support of the extension from Google and return this commuity supported extension to the Chrome Store.

In the future, we would like to add the capability to export the results, a summary of page timings to be included and a summary of the size of each file type downloaded on the page.

If you would like to help or have other suggestions, get in touch with us through our GitHub page.